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Believe it or not – Streetlights can kill Mosquitoes and do much more like Mobile charging and sending Disaster Warning signals

By Sneaky Pill | Cool Ideas

Mar 25
The malaysian streetlights kill mosquitoes

Where do you see most of mosquitoes during rainy season? Well, most of us will answer street lights. These mosquitoes are carrier of many mosquito-borne diseases including dengue, malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, elephantiasis etc. Now imagine if our streetlights could kill these mosquitoes, then we will not have to burn mosquito repellent all night long, the number of dengue death toll will reduce, and the government will have to spend much less on dengue cases.

these malaysian streetlights kill mosquitoes dynamicpedia

Malaysian streetlights that kill mosquitoes

It is not surprising that a simple invention can be made more dynamic in the 21st century via progressive technologies. Multi-utility is part of the current trend of life in this era where consumers are also known to be multi-tasking.

Malaysia has joined the fray of dynamic lighting designs with streetlights that can kill mosquitoes or charge cell phones besides sending out warnings in any natural disaster such as floods which are common at the east coast.

Malaysian streetlights work during floods and kill mosquitoes @ dynamicpedia

Malaysian streetlights work during floods and kill mosquitoes ( Image Source: The Guardian)

The innovative Malaysian streetlight sports a wind turbine and solar panels at its top to garner the natural energies that would permit its functionality even in rural areas without grid support. Dr. CHONG Wen Tong, associate professor of the University of Malaya is instrumental in this special lighting design and development.

The lamppost has an attached box which produces human odor thereby attracting mosquitoes. The UV light combines with titanium dioxide to generate carbon dioxide gas like human breath to attract mosquitoes. As the pests draw close, a fan operates to suck them in for a kill. This would help in curbing dengue fever which is a mosquito-borne sickness that is prevalent in the nation.

This dynamic streetlight also measures floodwater heights to send off reports and warnings through the attached antenna with all electronics at pole top and a waterproof bottom for a continual functioning even in rising waters. This type of streetlights allows consumers to recharge their cell phone conveniently especially during power outage. Innovation is the key to dynamic lifestyle for this century.

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