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Goodyear Spherical tyres – Reinventing the Wheel

By Sneaky Pill | Cool Ideas

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Jun 25
Goodyear spherical tyre dynamicpedia

Why reinvent the wheel when it is rolling so well? Goodyear doesn’t seem to be clinging on to this adage anymore. The company says if you are reinventing the car why not reinvent the tyres as well. This is why they have come up with a completely novel concept of spherical rubber tyres. Never before seen on the roads, except in the movies like iRobot, these tyres will be able to move in just about any direction.

For now, the spherical tyres, branded as Eagle-360, are only meant for the self-driven cars. Vehicle navigation in the tight spaces will become incredibly easy with these tyres. Imagine being stuck with cars before and behind you. You can’t back-up and only way is to sweep sideways to get out of that space. You can’t do that with the regular cylindrical wheels; with Eagle-360 you can!

goodyear eagle 360 tyres dynamicpedia

Goodyear Eagle 360 tyres – Picture depicting magnetic levitation

There are no axles connecting the tyres. Instead, the tyres will be held in the position using the magnetic levitation technique. So, the torturous bumps will no longer ruin the suspension of your car. Your car will simply float right above the spherical tyres. This also means that the driving experience will be remarkably quiet and smooth.

The other big advantage is that the surface area of the spherical tyres is much more than the regular ones. Cylindrical tyres have fewer treads exposed to friction and thus exposed to more wear and tear. But the spherical tyres, with more treads, will be more durable. The smart rotation of the tyres will also ensure that all areas of it are equally subjected to road friction. This will further enhance the tyre life.

There is more to it! Eagle-360 is also experimenting with the weather sensors which will help regulate the traction control. In wet and slippery conditions, in order to provide more traction and safety, the tyres will soften. In the dry conditions they will stiffen automatically.

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