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Portable wearable Logbar ili instant language translator – breaks all communication barriers

By Sneaky Pill | Cool Ideas

Jan 07

If you are frequent international traveler, then you know how difficult it is to communicate in countries like China, France, Japan etc where large segment of people do not speak English. It can be very frustrating at times to not been able to explain the cab driver where to go, communicate with waiter what you want to order, negotiate with the shopkeeper etc.

This new revolutionary language translator by Logbar ili can be very useful to break the communicate barriers. It can instantly translate languages with the push of a button. Currently, it has the option to translate into English, Chinese and Japanese but the Company has plans to include many other languages viz. Italian, Spanish, Thai etc. This small battery operated device can be wore in the neck like a necklace or kept in the pocket.

Refer below video to see this stylish Logbar ili language translator.

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anchortext May 22, 2017

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