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World’s most innovative inventions by Manoj Bhargava – Life of billions of people about to change

By Anil Mehra | Cool Ideas

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Jan 09
Manoj-Bhargawa, a billionaire who brings great inventions for humanity

World’s most innovative inventions by Manoj Bhargava – Life of billions of people about to change

Who is Manoj Bhargava?

Manoj Bhargava, a 62 years old Indo American businessman born in Lucknow but migrated to US at the age of 14, started a Company Living Essentials and launched an energy drink named ‘5-Hour Energy drink’. 5-Hour Energy drink which claimed to keep the person alert for five hours became instantly hit among the people specially teens.

Within a span of eight years, 5-Hour energy drink reached to a $1 billion sales mark. His name was included in Forbes list of Billionaires in 2012. As per Billions in Change (http://billionsinchange.in), his net worth is $4 billion and he has pledged 99% of his wealth for causes that can help humanity.

He has hired an elite team of dynamic scientists who are working tirelessly on some of the world’s most innovative inventions which can change the life of billions of people. Here’s how

Free Electricity – A hybrid bicycle has been invented which can generate electricity for 24 hours if it is paddled for 1 hour. It is free of cost and pollution free.

You must have seen many advertisements in newspaper or over various news channels mentioning ‘Free Electricity is coming’.

Rain Maker – A machine of the size of a car can convert thousands of gallon of sea water into fresh water suitable for human consumption per hour. Like rain water, this machine uses the osmosis (vaporising the water) and reverse osmosis (condensing the vapours to make water) and therefore produces the purest form of water. This machine is very clean and efficient and it recycles its heat energy.

If thousands of gallons of sea water can be converted into fresh water by a single machine, then think of hundreds of machines which can be installed off the coast. This can eliminate the water shortage issue across the world.

Limitless Energy – The team of scientists are working on harnessing unlimited energy in the form of heat from Earth’s molten core which is not too far below the surface of the Earth. Graphene cables have been developed which are very good conductor of heat and are hundred times stronger than steel. If this is successfully done, then it can create limitless clean energy which can power the world. This will also reduce carbon footprint and will be environment friendly.

‘Renew’ blood circulation – The team has developed a machine which works on external counterpulsation. This machine enhances the flow of blood from lower body to other parts of the body without putting any pressure on the heart.

Poor blood circulation in the body results in serious health issues including high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, dementia and other heart diseases. If the blood flow in the body is improved then it helps in improving the overall health as blood carries oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body.

Dynamicpedia team appeals to its members, followers and patrons to join this movement which can change the life of billions of people. You can join the movement at http://billionsinchange.in/join .

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