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BMW unveils the futuristic Concept Car 100 and the Altran Airtouch dashboard

By Sneaky Pill | Engineering Marvel

Mar 27
BMW-Vision-Next-100-Concept-Future-Car dynamicpedia

BMW unveils the futuristic Concept Car 100 and the Altran Airtouch dashboard

BMW is one of the oldest and the most respected names in the car manufacturing industry. Its products exude class, style and security in equal measures. For such a company which has completed an incredible century, one would think that it got to mellow down, right? But its not going to hold good for BMW, not at all! The company is still out to prove that not only it is one of the hotshots of the industry, but would continue to be so in the future as well.

The concept car

BMW Concept car @ dynamicpedia

BMW Concept car (Image Source : BMW)

BMW’s concept car ‘Vision Next 100’ is emission free, self-driving, luxurious sports car which is loaded with hi-tech gadgets. Its wheels look insanely beautiful, you won’t believe they are real. The car has a 360 degree radar which tracks the obstacles and shows warning on the full display windshield. In all respects, it is a futuristic car.


This amazing vehicle has the ability to shape shift. It can do this due to its inherent Alive Geometry technology, which is useful for two things. Firstly, it acts as ADS (Analogous Display System), which warns the driver for possible dangerous situations. Secondly, it provides optimal aerodynamics as wheel cover.

The car comes with a Boost and Ease feature. Basically, this involves realignment of car seats for the ultimate experience of rest and driving. For optimal driving experience, it has the Boost seat alignment. In the Ease Mode, the front seats rotate and tilt back to provide a relaxing lounge-like feature. In Ease the feature, driving is overtaken by the car’s smart Companion system.

Altran – the amazing touchless Airtouch dashboard

Another futuristic concept from BMW is the amazing Airtouch dashboard (Altran). With this on your car, forget about leaning forward to press the screen or a button. It basically works like a PC mouse, with the only difference that you do not need to touch anything. Just hover your hands to change screens and select a menu.

BMW Altran airtouch technology console @ dynamicpedia

BMW Altran airtouch technology console @ dynamicpedia

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