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Li-fi transfer data at speed of 224 gbps – More than 100 times faster than Wi-fi

By Sneaky Pill | Engineering Marvel

Apr 17

In today’s techno savvy era, the basic necessities of life have upgraded to food, water, shelter and Wifi. With almost all facilities available online, internet has undoubtedly become an important element in people’s life. Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.

What if we told you that streaming data is as simple as switching a light bulb on? An organization named Velmenni, situated in Tallinn, Estonia, has developed an internet providing service termed as Li-Fi or Light Fidelity. Light Fidelity utilizes Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to exchange signals from the switch to the end client gadget at a velocity of 1 gbps (Giga bytes per second). Light is as of now utilized for information transmission as a part of fiber-optic cables and for point to point linked transfer, yet Li-Fi is an extraordinary and novel mix of technology that permits it to be universally embraced for versatile ultra-rapid web communications.

The innovation was initially launched by Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011. Lifi utilizes light to transfer data by means of air.

li-fi dynamicpedia

Li-Fi technology

The Li-Fi innovation gives 100 times quicker Internet than WiFi. It permits speed up to 224 gbps. It requires a LED light source, a web association and a photo detector to spread the signals. Velmenni utilized this innovation to consolidate the smart lighting framework and Internet availability to expand its income and conserve energy.

Li-Fi utilizes the same innovation as utilized by standard TV or AC remote control. The infrared light emission remote control encodes signals in light packets and can transmit around 1,000 bits for each second. A LED knob can transmit signals at a velocity of 1,000,000,000 bits for each second.

lifi-100-times-faster-than-wifi3 dynamicpedia

Lifi 100 times faster than Wifi

The Li-Fi does not meddle with other radio signals, for example, broadband and WiFi. Consequently, it can be utilized on planes too. Hence, no more flight mode on mobiles!

Like every technology, LiFi has its own setbacks. It can’t be utilized outside the house as the daylight would meddle with the LED signals. Also, it can’t enter through dividers such as WiFi does, thus, the client should be in close distance of the LED source to get continuous signals.

Soon enough, LiFi innovation can be launched into a universal frameworks innovation, using particular blends of light transmitters and recipients including sunlight based cells, proficient computational calculations and systems administration abilities that can expanded worldwide.


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