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Sneak-Peak of the Brand New Tesla Car Model 3 with panoramic glass sunroof

By Sneaky Pill | Engineering Marvel

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Apr 07

The all new Tesla car Model 3 has been on the limelight ever since Elon Musk the CEO of the company tweeted that this particular model 3 sedan has already received 276,000 orders and counting. This particular US based electric vehicle will be available worldwide only by the end of the year 2017. All the drooling over this sleek car began when the prototype was revealed to the public gaze on 31st March 2016 in Hawthorne, California outside Los Angeles.

Here’s stealing a peak of the Tesla electric car Model 3-

The Model 3 starts at a reasonable price of $35,000 before incentives. It is a solid smart looking four-door car that does not have a frame, rather has a roof which is a panoramic glass pane built from front to back.


Tesla Model 3 (Image Source : Tesla Motors)

Digging in further into the Tesla Model 3 car’s super alluring features-

  • Model 3 is precisely fashioned to accomplish the maximum safety rankings in each and every category
  • Has autopilot hardware
  • With Supercharging being enabled, per charge allows Model 3 to pull off 215 miles of distance with ease
  • The vehicle is designed to achieve zero to 60mph within 6 seconds
  • The seats are build to accommodate 5 adults with complete comfort ( Also read BMW futuristic concept car)

Tesla Model 3 (Image Source : Tesla Motors)

The journey foreseen for Tesla car Model 3 is not a smooth sail. This latest era of hybrid and electric vehicles are faced with certain road blocks to be confronted on their way to glory. These challenges include:

  • Battery rates being higher
  • Lower Gasoline costs
  • Investment being indefinite in recharging infrastructure

Tesla car Model 3 is a real world assortment which blends top-class performance while maintaining safety measures, comfort, sophisticated style and spaciousness into the finest sedan build to enthrall the owner with total satisfaction.


Tesla car Model 3 (Image Source : Tesla Motors)

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