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Flying Cars with autopilots, weather warnings, heavy duty electric motors, parachutes

By Sneaky Pill | Engineering Marvel

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Apr 17

Every fan of Harry Potter has had a desire to own the crazy flying car of Ron Weasley. Even those not familiar with the famed movie series must have at some point in their life wished of having a car that would skip those long traffic ques. The concept however is not so out of reach now.

A company called Aero Mobil has already launched their first ever version of a flying car. The vehicle is more like a plane that drives, and not a car that flies. A steel airframe secured by collection of carbon-composite makes the weight strikingly low. Finishing 40 or more experimental runs, the vehicle now is looking for both street and air affirmation, which places it in a completely new category out and out. This will be followed by formal application in countries where traffic standards are relatively straight forward and simple.

Some of the specifications of 2 seat Aero Mobile flying car include Rotax 912 engine, top speed of 200 km/h (124mph), collapsible wings, 15l/h fuel consumption and 700km range. The flying car uses standard unleaded automobile fuel. It would also interest you to note that the flying cars come with some of the safety features of a plane including autopilot, parachutes for emergency landing, warning systems for weather, obstacle detection, synthetic vision etc.

AeroMobile flying car specifications

AeroMobile flying car specifications (Image source : Aero Mobil official website)

Aero Mobil is a flying car that splendidly makes utilization of existing base made for vehicles and planes, and opens ways to real air travel. As a car it fits into any standard parking spot, utilizes general fuel, and can run on street just like any other car. As a plane it can utilize any air terminal in the world, however can likewise take off and arrive utilizing any grass strip or cleared surface only a couple of hundred meters in length. On the official website of Aero Mobil, the Company mentions that in order to fly their Aero Mobil flying car, the person is required to have a pilot license and a minimum 40 hours of flight training is strongly recommended, however, for driving it on roads, the standard car driving license will be sufficient.

TF-X flying car

TF-X flying car (Image source : Deccanchronicle)

Another company called Terrafugia is all set to launch its own prototype of flying car soon enough into the international markets. Terrafugia declared that they hope to have a model for their PC controlled electric aeronautical vehicle called the TF-X discharged in the span of next two years. The thought is for the four-seat cross breed electric vehicle to have PC controlled flight. In the wake of driving the TF-X out of the carport, twin propellers produce high force which lifts the vehicle up. As opposed to fuel, a 300-strength motor will energize the vehicle’s batteries and give it a constant 500-mile flight range. The objective is to have cruising speeds around 200 miles for every hour. It can likewise be energized electrically on the ground.


terrafugia-tf-x flying car dynamicpedia

Terrafugia flying car

However, the company called Moller International has been successful so far in providing a reasonable model for a flying car. The Skycar group of vehicles incorporates renditions for 2, 4, or 6 persons. Equipped for vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter, and flies from departure to destination much like a plane. The Skycar has been intended to likewise go at low speed for short separations on the ground like a car. It has fold-up wings which make it compact enough to be usable on roadways.

The coming years might see the image of flying cars in reality. Many issues like accidents, traffic and strenuous commute would be solved and the world would come even closer than before.


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