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Get A House Constructed In 3 Hours for $5,000 (INR 325,000) only

By Sneaky Pill | Cool Ideas

May 10
3d printed apartment villa dynamicpedia

A Chinese firm has given new definition to construction of houses. WinSun Corporation declares to have built 10 houses just within 24 hours, that is, 2 hours and 40 minutes for building a house! The secret behind their jet speed construction is a 3D printer.

Construction Process

The 3D printing process applied by WinSun uses a concoction of ground structure & manufacturing waste (glass, tailings etc.) around a swift-drying cement base blended with a particular solidifying agent. A CAD design, serves as a template and an extruder arm, controlled by the computer, is employed to lay down the substance layer by layer to form the walls and the basic shape of the house. The print pieces are fairly large in size and can be viewed in the pictures posted in the company’s website. The walls are printed hollow in a crisscross pattern. The hollowness gives insulation space and the crisscross pattern provides for reinforcement. All the parts are then taken on-site and put together with insulation and steel reinforcements so that the constructed building conforms to the certified building standards. The ink used by 3D printer is a mix of cement, construction waste, tailings and recycled industrial waste. A 3D printed house can be produced within £2,970 ($5,000).

Advantages of Building 3D-printed Homes

The 3D buildings use recycled materials and thereby reduces the requirement of quarried stone and various other materials. Thus, the construction technique is environment friendly as well as cost effective.

  • The entire process saves about 30-60% construction waste
  • It can reduce production times by 50-70%
  • It can lessen labor cost by 50-80%

Recently, WinSun exhibited an 11,840 square foot villa at Suzhou Industrial Park whose construction cost is approximately $161,000. The villa is adorned with ornate pieces on the interior as well as the exterior. The company’s future plans include larger-scale constructions like building skyscrapers and bridges.

3d printed apartment building dynamicpedia

3D Printed apartment building and villa

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