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North Pole Shifting Can Be Dangerous

By Sneaky Pill | Facts & Fiction

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Oct 16

Most of us have heard that the north pole is shifting its position, but very few know the reason for the pole shifting and its devastating impacts.

Due to shifting of the north pole, it is feared that the Indian tectonic plate will be pushed beneath the Himalayan range which will result in extinction of human life in this part of the Indian sub-continent. Rapidly rising water level from the coastal area, strong jolts and submerged land will make it impossible for life to sustain on land. During the collision of Indian plate with the Himalayan range,  the worlds ever highest mountain range will emerge. Australia will become its own ecosystem, separated from the rest of the world. Antarctica will transform into frozen territory.

The movement is in its magnetic pole and not in the geographic axis around which Earth spins. The scientists were aware of the earth’s moving magnetic field. Hence, hordes of satellites have been constantly studying the orbit’s unpredictability. In 1899, scientists first marked the North Pole shifting from West in the direction of Hudson Bay. It was linked with the Laurentide ice sheet melting. In 2000, the North rotational pole totally changed its route and began moving eastward. Their data shows that the north end is gradually drifting across the Arctic Ocean towards Siberia.


Earths magnetic north pole moving

The scientific investigations conducted for over 10 years reveal that the earth’s North Pole is shifting for two major reasons:

  1. Worldwide ice melting (in Greenland and in the West Antarctic) in enormous volume in the glaciers may drastically reallocate mass on Earth. When from a particular part of the planet, the ice melts and disappears; it relocates in another part of the planet in the form of water. Earth moves onwards its axis to the place where mass is lost.
  2. Extensive volume of water (liquid state) is lost from the land owing to which huge amount of mass gets resettled elsewhere. The immense water loss from lakes and aquifers in Eurasia, India and around the Caspian Sea, are responsible for the rotational pole course towards Europe. In the hot temperature zones there have been more evaporation and less rainfall. The groundwater from wells and reservoirs has been all used up by the rapidly growing human population.

The impending pole alteration owing to the Pacific compression will push India fiercely beneath the Himalayan highlands, forced by the Indo-Australian plate. The safest area then would be Himalayas’ central part whereas places located near flooding zones can be hazardous.

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