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In Uttar Pradesh, answer sheets bear affixed currency notes, threats and pleadings

By Sneaky Pill | Public Voice

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Apr 10
UP students answer sheets plead threat offer money

On one hand, where our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi is branding Make in India programme to promote local talent and create new employment opportunities, Uttar Pradesh is on a different track all together.

In UP board examination, more than 65 lack students enrol for examination every year. While checking the answer sheets of the students, the evaluators not only get the answers to the questions but they also see a lot of other messages which include pleading, appeals and threatening from the students for giving minimum passing marks. Some of the students leave messages in the answer sheets pleading for passing marks on the pretext that if they flunk, then their marriage proposal will be called off, their father will stop them from coming to school, their career is at stake, they will commit suicide attempts etc.

To sweeten the deal, some students also affix currency notes on the answer scripts. And a smaller lot has gone even further by writing threatening messages to the teachers. To quote one, a student mentioned that if I do not get passing marks then I will make your (evaluator) life difficult as I can find out who evaluated my answer sheet by virtue of one of my family members being in the education department.

Going back in time, I remember that when we were students, our teachers / mentors used to warn us not to mention any personal comments, any appeals or any prayers, not even Om or Jai Ganesha (the name of our Hindu deities) on answer scripts as this is not considered appropriate by the education board and that in such cases, we run the risk where the results can be withheld by the education board.

We appeal to the UP education board to take strict action against these students. It is important that the answer scripts should be evaluated on the basis of merits and not skewed on account of any unfair means.


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