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Inflatable hospitals

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Feb 11
Inflatable hospitals inside view @ dynamicpedia

When a disaster strikes, the first necessity that arises is that of a medical care. Many a times, emergency treatment becomes crucial for survival of the victims and timely help might save their life. Waiting for ambulance to reach hospitals at such times can prove fatal. When the recent earthquakes struck Nepal in fury to cause huge destruction and loss of life, the inflatable hospitals set up by rescue teams proved to be a boon.
Like the name suggests, inflatable hospitals could be set up when needed and laid flat when their role is over and done with. They usually measure about 1000m2 in open space and weigh about 2600 lbs. in weight. It could be carried wherever needed and set up using preexisting mechanism.

Inflatable hospitals design @ dynamicpedia

Inflatable hospitals design (Source : Innovatedevelopment)

Inflatable hospitals are especially built for disaster management. They have inbuilt system to ensure the germ free hospital like environment. The body of inflatable hospitals is made of nylon making them waterproof and easy to maintain cleanliness. The nylon material can be wiped easily to obtain clean sanitary conditions. They have pumps for effective assembly. The floor is made up of plastic that is used in inflatable life boat while the roof is supported by inflatable tubes. Ventilation is enabled because of the window and mesh screening. These hospitals have an emergency room, a pharmacy unit, an emergency room and about 45 hospital beds. This ensures that maximum needy people are provided with treatment simultaneously and effectively.

Inflatable hospitals outside view @ dynamicpedia

Inflatable hospitals outside view  (Source : www.nsahmed.files.wordpress.com)

Inflatable hospitals are generally used where the actual medical firms have been destroyed, proper medical care is not close by and medical care is required in large numbers. It takes about 10 people to carry and set up the tent. With nonstop efforts, the inflatable hospitals could be made functional within 24 to 48 hours. Originating in Bordeaux, the inflatable hospitals have quickly gained popularity worldwide. See below video showing how these inflatable hospitals helped in disaster management during Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines.

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